Cindy and Pete invited a little girl from the city, to stay with them for two weeks during their summer vacation. Her name was Sabrina. Their friends, Karen and Brian, also invited a little girl from the city to stay with them for two weeks. Her name was Bria. When it was time for these two girls to return home, it was also Alicia's birthday, so they had a combined party for them all at Cindy and Pete's house. We had a wonderful time! Alicia's best friend, Ali, made these terrific banners. I had a hard time with my camera, but I captured the moment as best I could.
Here are Alicia and her Ali singing their farewell song  as Memere, Megan and Kaitlyn look on.
Mom (Cindy) lights the candles. Memere, Bria, Sabrina watch while Kaitlyn, Megan and Grampy patiently wait. Alicia and her best friend, Ali brush up on the farewell song that they wrote.
Kaitlyn looks on as Alicia and Ali practice their farewell song.
Chris and Matt check things out.
WE DO!!!
OK....who wants cake?
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Many thanks to Country Colors for the use of this beautiful background set.
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