I had a terrific Clifford The Big Red Dog party! Everyone sang Happy Birthday to me, nice and loud. I loved it!
After they sang, I blew out my candle. (It was real easy, cuz it was just one number 6...*giggle*)
Jason LOVED the cake & icecream.....especially the icecream, cuz it was chocolate. Grammy snapped his picture before he had a chance to wipe his face. Oops!! Sorry Jas....
Here I am with my mom. I'm wearing my new scarf that Auntie Cindy made for me. I love it!!
I even took a quick minute to sit with my dad! *smile*
I love my new princess beauty set! I'll have lots of fun with it!!
Ooohh....and new Mudd Jeans!! I LOVE them! The belt has a rhinestone heart buckle. I'm gonna look awesome!!!
My sincere thanks to DLTK's for the use of the adorable background as well as gifs.
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Well, I got LOTS of neat presents and had a TON of FUN! I hope you enjoyed peeking in! Thank you!
Please feel free to email me....