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To Alicia and Kaitlyn's Dance Recital
As much as I hate to admit it, my little dancers are growing up. There are some benefits to it though and the best one is that they're dancing more beautifully than ever. Although picture taking is not allowed during the recital, I did take these outside.
Alicia's all set to dance to "Boogie Shoes"...
...and Kaitlyn is ready to dance to "Put Your Happy Face On".
Megan poses with her sisters.
Mommy, Grammy and Memiere with our girls.
Now Grampy and Daddy take their turns.
Kaitlyn's all set and ready to go!
Well, the recital went beautifully! The girls danced splendidly and we all went out for icecream afterwards. They were very tired but very happy little dancers.
Many thanks to Ladyhipoo for her beautiful little ballerinas!
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